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Industrial Hemp has more than 50,000 uses. We are here to provide the world with raw, sustainable materials in order to meet the growing demand for a sustainable future.



Hemp can be used as a sustainable cotton alternative.


Hemp fibers can be pressed to make insulation. Ever heard of Hempcrete?


Did you know? The strongest rope in the world is made from Hemp.


Hemp can be processed into Paper. Did you know that American Dollars are made from Hemp Paper?

Organic Compost

Hemp can be made into Organic Compost.

Fiber Boards

Hemp is stronger than steel. Hemp can hold almost twice the weight as steel before it cracks and breaks. Hemp can bend and mend almost six times better than steel.


Biodegradable plastic? Say goodbye to the old fashioned one-time-use plastics. Meet Hemp Plastic!

Animal Bedding

Parts of the Stalk can be chopped up and used as Animal Bedding for large and/or Small Animals.


Cooking Oils

Hempseed Oil can be processed it can be used for cooking oils.

Dietary Supplements

Hempseed can be processed into Dietary Supplements.

Body Care Products

The Oil of Hempseeds can be used in Body Care products for better skin health.


The oil from hempseeds can be used to create Hemp Ethanol. It can then be further processed to create Kerosine to make Airplanes fly.


Hempseed oil can be used as a main ingredient in producing Paint.


When crushed very fine, Hempseeds can be used to create flour for bakery applications.


Hempseeds can be used to create beer.

Animal Feed

Hempseeds can be given to animals as a protein source.

Milk / Dairy

Hempseeds can be turned into Milk.


Hempseeds can be used in Bakery processes as toppings or other applications.


Hempseeds can be used when creating Granola-like substances.

Protein Powder

Hempseeds can be used to make a Protein Powder, as it is the only plant-like substance on the planet with a complete Amino Acid profile with the perfect Omega 3:6:9 ratio.



The Hemp roots can be used as an ingredient in creatiing Medicine.

Organic Compost

The Hemp roots can be used as an Organic Compound.

Leaves / Flowers

Animal Bedding

Hemp Leaves can be used as an Animal Bedding.

Mulch / Compost

Hemp leaves can be used as mulch to cover the ground and feed the crops you are growing.

Medicine / Recreation

The Female Hemp flowers can be used as an ingredient in creating Medicine and for recreation.

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